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Whether you want to have your car inspected as a preventive measure, or you want a pre-purchase inspection on a car you are considering buying, our team of expert mechanics can help. At Starbrite Express Lube & Automotive Repair, we have over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry and know what to look for when inspecting a car. Call us today at (215) 853-0856 to schedule an inspection.

A certified technician will give your car a thorough checkup as part of a car inspection. Inspections typically cover all major systems and components of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, steering, tires, and more.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection looks at how safe a car is, how well it runs, and how much it’s worth. It’s a good idea to get one before you buy any used cars, even if you’re buying from a dealer. It can help you get the best deal and save you from any trouble down the road.

What entails a pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection typically includes a visual assessment of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as a test drive. The inspector will also check under the hood and look for any fluid leaks or signs of rust. They will also assess the condition of the major components like tires, brakes, and suspension. Afterward, you will get a car inspection report with details of the condition of the vehicle.

Benefits of Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

There are several benefits to getting pre-purchase inspections. First, it can give you an idea of the true value of the vehicle. Second, it can help you avoid buying a car with hidden problems. Third, it can give you negotiating power when it comes to the price of the car. Finally, it can give you peace of mind to know that you’re making an informed decision.


Regular Vehicle Inspection

It’s important to make it a habit to get regular car inspections so you don’t have to pay for expensive or unexpected repairs later on. At a minimum, inspections should include checking all fluid levels, tire pressure, treads, and brakes.

What is Entailed in Vehicle Inspections?

At a professional car inspection service, a licensed mechanic will examine the vehicle to make sure it meets all the safety standards set by the state. Usually, a test drive, a visual inspection of the parts, a check of the fluid level, and a computerized diagnostic test are all part of the process. Depending on the results, the mechanic may recommend repairs or replacements. Car inspection reports will also be shared with you for record-keeping.

The Benefits of Regular Inspections

There are several benefits to getting a car inspection. First, it can help you avoid expensive or unforeseen repairs. Second, it can give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe and reliable. Third, it can help you sell your car more easily because potential buyers will know that it has been inspected and deemed roadworthy. Finally, it can help you keep your car insured since most insurance companies require proof of an annual inspection.

Drive Confidently with Starbrite Express Lube & Automotive Repair

At Starbrite Express Lube & Automotive Repair, our team is professional and reliable, so you can drive with confidence knowing that your car is in good hands. Our ASE-certified technicians provide comprehensive car inspections and services to keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

You can count on us to do a thorough visual inspection of the whole car, give you a detailed report of what we find, and give you honest advice on what repairs or maintenance services you might need.

Be it a pre-purchase inspection of a used car or a regular check-up of your vehicle, our team will make sure that your car is safe and operating at its best.

We know that your car is a major investment, so we take the time to inspect every detail and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your vehicle. Schedule a car inspection today at (215) 853-0856 and rest assured that your car is in good hands.

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